In this case study, we explore a data consulting firm’s experience in helping a mid-sized asset management company migrate its data to the cloud. The client, was facing challenges in managing its on-premises data center and wanted to take advantage of the benefits that cloud-based infrastructure offers. The data consulting firm, London Data Consulting (LDC), was tasked with formulating a strategy to effectively migrate the data to the cloud while minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.


The asset manager’s on-premises data center was struggling with scalability, performance, and security issues. The company was experiencing rapid growth, and the data center could not keep up with the increasing demand for storage and compute resources. Furthermore, The asset manager was concerned about the potential for data breaches and the cost of maintaining their on-premises infrastructure.

Key challenges included:

  1. Data volume: The asset manager managed a vast amount of data, including historical transactions, client portfolios, and market data. The migration process had to ensure data integrity and prevent data loss.
  2. Downtime: The company’s operations relied heavily on real-time data analysis and decision-making. Minimizing downtime during the migration was crucial to prevent disruption to business operations.
  3. Security and compliance: The asset manager had to adhere to strict financial industry regulations, including GDPR and other data protection laws. Ensuring compliance and data security during and after the migration was a top priority.
  4. Cost management: The migration had to be cost-effective, considering both the short-term and long-term financial implications.

Proposed Solution

London Data Consulting (LDC) proposed a comprehensive solution to address The asset manager’s challenges, taking a phased approach to the migration process:

  1. Assessment and planning: The team began by conducting a thorough assessment of The asset manager’s existing infrastructure and data to identify critical components and dependencies. They then devised a detailed migration plan that prioritized the most critical data and applications for migration.
  2. Data preparation: To ensure data integrity and minimize the risk of data loss, LDC performed extensive data validation, cleansing, and deduplication. They also encrypted sensitive data to maintain security during the migration process.
  3. Migration strategy: LDC recommended a hybrid cloud approach, using a combination of public and private cloud infrastructure. This would enable The asset manager to maintain control over sensitive data while taking advantage of public cloud services for scalability and cost savings. The team chose a leading cloud provider with a proven track record in the financial services industry to ensure security and compliance.
  4. Incremental migration: To minimize downtime, LDC implemented an incremental migration strategy. They began by migrating less critical data and applications first, testing and validating each step to ensure a smooth transition. Once the initial migration was successful, they proceeded to migrate the more critical components.
  5. Post-migration support: LDC provided ongoing support and monitoring to ensure a seamless transition for The asset manager’s employees and customers. They also conducted regular security audits and compliance checks to maintain the highest level of data protection.

Used Tools

London Data Consulting (LDC) utilized a range of tools and technologies to facilitate the successful migration of The asset manager’s asset manager data to the cloud. Some of the key tools used were:

  1. Migration Assessment Tools: LDC used tools such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit and AWS Migration Hub to assess The asset manager’s existing infrastructure, identify dependencies, and plan the migration process.
  2. Data Preparation and Cleansing Tools: Tools like Talend, Trifacta, and OpenRefine were employed for data validation, cleansing, and deduplication to ensure data integrity during the migration process.
  3. Data Migration Tools: To move the data to the cloud, LDC leveraged cloud-native tools provided by the chosen cloud provider, such as AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), Google Cloud’s BigQuery Data Transfer Service, or Azure Data Factory, depending on the chosen cloud platform. These tools helped in automating the data migration process while minimizing downtime.
  4. Data Security and Encryption Tools: LDC used encryption tools like AWS Key Management Service (KMS) or Azure Key Vault to protect sensitive data during the migration process. These tools ensured that the data was encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  5. Cloud Management and Monitoring Tools: LDC utilized cloud monitoring tools like Amazon CloudWatch, Google Cloud Monitoring, or Azure Monitor to ensure the health, performance, and availability of The asset manager’s cloud infrastructure. These tools helped in identifying and resolving any issues during and after the migration process.
  6. Compliance and Security Auditing Tools: To maintain regulatory compliance and perform security audits, LDC employed tools such as AWS Config, Google Cloud Security Command Center, or Azure Security Center. These tools provided visibility into the security and compliance posture of The asset manager’s cloud environment.


By partnering with London Data Consulting (LDC), The asset manager successfully migrated its asset manager data to the cloud, addressing their challenges in scalability, performance, and security. The phased approach ensured minimal downtime and a smooth transition for the company’s operations. With the migration complete, The asset manager can now focus on leveraging the cloud’s benefits to drive further growth and innovation in their business.


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