Big data is one of the IT sectors that recruits the most and the opportunities will multiply even more in the coming years, because data is everywhere on the web… Our exchanges, the videos we watch, our online purchases, our communications, etc.. translate, in the digital world, into data of inestimable value! Companies rely on this data in their strategic and commercial decision-making. Artificial intelligence is based on the study and observation of vast amounts of information. Science, finance, insurance need to analyze trends to anticipate the future. But, to effectively use this information, organizations need big data experts.

What is Big Data?

Before seeing how to train in big data, you must already understand this concept. Big data is a collection of data whose size is already enormous, and which in addition continues to grow exponentially over time. The massive digitization of working and consumption methods and the rise of deep learning are largely contributing to this explosion in the volume of data.

These sets of information then reach such an amplitude and complexity that traditional management tools no longer allow them to be stored and even less to be processed. From now on, to effectively manage big data, it is necessary to:

  • infrastructure capable of storing and administering data;
  • massively parallel databases;
  • hardware accelerations such as dynamic memories;
  • experts capable of exploiting these new technologies!
  • To adapt and continue to take advantage of all the information, companies need specialists to design big data architectures and administer them, but also data experts to collect, sort, model and above all to make them “speak”.

The 7 Promising Professions of Big Data

The most sought-after professions in 2022 in big data are:

  • the DevOps/Cloud Engineer;
  • the Data Scientist;
  • the Data Analyst;
  • the Big Data architect;
  • the Big Data developer;
  • the Big Data integrator;
  • the Data Engineer.

To make a career in this new Eldorado, you therefore have the choice between very different professions and specializations, but they still have some points in common… First of all, as these are highly demanded positions, they often all offer particularly attractive salaries! Then, these jobs require great expertise and are generally accessible only from specific higher education.

How To Train In Big Data?

To work in big data, you must have at least a master’s degree, an engineering degree or a Master’s degree. The most sought-after specialties, in addition to big data, are:

  • DevOps;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Artificial Intelligence (Deep and Machine Learning).

The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Master’s is the ideal program to professionalize you and immediately start your career as a big data architect or integrator, data scientist or data engineer.

Thanks to the courses led by trainers who are experts in their field, programming, data modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence will no longer have any secrets for you!

The DevOps approach is also highly sought after in IT, as it helps to design applications and architectures that take into account both the needs of developers and operational staff. This dual skill will allow you to hold management or supervisory positions.

Who Uses Big Data?

Big data is particularly used in the areas of:

  • finance (banking, stock market and real estate);
  • insurance;
  • communication, and the media;
  • marketing and sales;
  • health in particular with the development of telemedicine;
  • teaching and education;
  • online commerce, but also physical.
  • In terms of recruiters, digital service companies (ESNs) hire the most big data experts. This trend is explained by the fact that these companies then place their employees with their clients in any sector of activity.


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