GPT-3: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Transformer type, the large language model has no less than 175 billion parameters. Which makes it an AI capable of covering questions and answers, translation, generation of text or application code.

Python’s Scikit-learn: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

The open source project orchestrated by INRIA has become a reference machine learning infrastructure alongside deep learning frameworks such as Keras, Pytorch or Tensorflow.

Dataiku: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Dataiku is an artificial intelligence platform created in France in 2013. It has since become one of the world’s benchmarks for data science and machine learning studios.

Alteryx: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Alteryx is a no-code data analytics and data visualization platform. His ambition? Putting AI within the reach of business experts. Alteryx, what is it? Founded in 1997 in the United States, Alteryx is a data analytics automation platform. Oriented no code, it can be used by companies and their collaborators using data in order to […]

Docker: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Docker is the most widely used containerization platform. Find out everything you need to know about it: what it is, what it is for, how it works and what training courses allow you to learn how to use it.Containers and microservices are increasingly used for application development and deployment. This is called “cloud-native” development. In […]

Apache Airflow: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Apache Airflow is an open-source workflow scheduling platform widely used in the field of data engineering. Find out everything you need to know about this Data Engineer tool: how it works, use cases, main components… The story of Apache Airflow begins in 2015, in the offices of AirBnB. At that time, the vacation rental platform […]

Apache Kafka: The Real-Time Data Processing Platform – Ultimate Guide 2023

Apache Kafka is a real-time streaming data processing platform. Discover everything there is to know to master Kafka. Streaming data processing offers many advantages. This approach makes it possible in particular to set up a Data Engineering architecture more efficiently. However, additional technologies are needed. One such technology is Apache Kafka. What is Apache Kafka? […]

Data Warehouse and Data Lake: What Solution for Big Data Storage? Ultimate Guide 2023

Many data professionals are wondering about the difference between the Data Lake and the Data Warehouse. Some do not understand the meaning or the use of these two notions in the storage of data in Big Data. In this column, we will define the Data Warehouse, the Data Lake. Then we will show the position […]

What is Hadoop? Introduction, Architecture, Ecosystem, Components – Ultimate Guide 2023

Do you want to use Hadoop and its ecosystem in your Big Data project? You are in the right place ! According to the findings of experts, public and private institutions, 90% of the data collected since the beginning of humanity have been generated during the last 2 years. The market now calls this explosion […]

The 8 Big Data Jobs To Watch in 2023

Do you want to move into a Big Data profession? Today, nearly 7 years later, the interest of Big Data is well established. It is now known and accepted that Big Data creates millions of jobs around the world. After analyzing companies’ calls for tenders from 2016 to 2022, studying the allocation of their IT […]