C3.ai Suite is an end-to-end machine learning platform. It comes with the C3.ai Ex Machina no-code development environment.

What is C3.ai?

Founded by Thom Siebel in 2009, C3.ai articulates its offer around a machine learning-oriented data science platform, called C3.ai Application Platform. Model-driven, it covers all stages of the lifecycle management of machine learning algorithms, from the integration and preparation of training data to the deployment and monitoring of models.

On top are C3 AI Studio, a machine learning studio both deep and low-code oriented targeting data scientists, and C3.ai, a no-code machine learning environment. In addition, C3 offers C3 AI Data Vision, a graph-oriented AI technology. The applications that make up C3.ai Suite are part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) approach in order to improve their performance through regular updates.

What are the features of C3.ai?

C3.ai Suite includes the following features:

  • Data Ops and learning data integration,
  • Data Mining,
  • Feature engineering or engineering of model characteristics,
  • Model development (training, testing and validation),
  • The deployment of models,
  • Model Governance and oversight.

What is C3.ai Ex Machina?

C3.ai Ex Machina is a no-code development tool built on the C3.ai machine learning platform. Among its main features are:

  • Connectors (Amazon S3, Databricks, Snowflake…) to integrate training data,
  • A graphical drag-and-drop model development environment,
  • A machine learning automation engine (auto ML),
  • A console for deploying the predictive indicators and AI applications developed.

What are the C3.ai Applications?

C3.ai Applications is a vertical application library based on the C3 machine learning platform. Here are some examples :

  • C3 AI CRM: prediction of sales and customer satisfaction,
  • C3 AI Sourcing Optimization: optimization of sourcing,
  • C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization: production / manufacturing optimization,
  • C3 AI Inventory Optimization: optimization of inventories,
  • C3.ai Cash Management: optimization of financial management,
  • C3 AI Reliability: planning optimization,
  • C3 AI ESG: optimization of sustainable development.
  • C3.ai also markets AI applications tailored for the public, defense and energy sectors.

C3.ai CRM, what is it?

C3.ai CRM is an application dedicated to customer relationship management. It provides insights and predictive data to increase sales volume and improve marketing and sales performance. Customer service management is also more efficient thanks to predefined connectors, specific AI models and workflow supervision.


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