Docker: What is it? How to use it? Ultimate Guide 2023

Docker is the most widely used containerization platform. Find out everything you need to know about it: what it is, what it is for, how it works and what training courses allow you to learn how to use it.Containers and microservices are increasingly used for application development and deployment. This is called “cloud-native” development. In […]

Blockchain Developer Profession In 2023: Objectives, Training, Salary and Jackpot

The blockchain developer is an expert IT developer in blockchain technology. His specific knowledge allows him to design, code and program a blockchain architecture. Discover the daily life of the blockchain developer: his missions, his skills, his training, his opportunities and even his salary! Appeared recently, the blockchain is a secure database (decentralized and transparent) […]

The 10 Essential Tools To Work in Cybersecurity, A.I., Software Engineering and Big Data

Cybersecurity, big data and software programming are the key sectors of the job market. Recruiters, faced with a real shortage of talent, offer particularly attractive salaries and working conditions for candidates and students in training… However, these areas of IT are complex and demanding. In particular, they require the mastery of numerous technical solutions. If […]