Open source is H2O.ai’s main differentiator. Available under the Apache 2.0 license, its offer revolves around a machine learning platform equipped with an auto ML engine.

H2O.ai, what is it?

H2O.ai is an open source machine learning platform. This is its main trademark. Published under the Apache 2.0 license, this platform, which has raised $246.5 million since its creation in 2011, aims to democratize artificial intelligence in business.

To meet this challenge, the Californian company of the same name has developed a platform that automates the creation of machine learning models. In the same logic, H2O.ai has also developed a no-code deep learning tool called H2O Hydrogen Torch, designed for audio, image, video and language processing.

What is the technical particularity of H2O.ai?

Source: https://h2o.ai/platform/ai-cloud/key-features-datasheet/

H2O.ai’s open source solution comes in the form of a distributed machine learning platform. Supporting both Hadoop and Spark big data frameworks, it integrates Python, Java, R, Scala and Json environments.

H2O implements many algorithms: generalized linear models, gradient boosting algorithms, random forests, sets, deep neural networks, sets, naive Bayesian classification, generalized additive models, K-Means, etc.

What are the main features of H2O.ai?

H2O.ai manages the creation and deployment of AI models. This platform is distinguished by:

  • An open source Python development framework (H2O Wave),
  • An MLOps tool (H20 MLOps) combining model and feature store, versioning, collaborative management and monitoring,
  • An open source machine learning automation engine (H2O AutoML),
  • A no-code deep learning platform (H2O Hydrogen Torch),
  • An open source distributed computing infrastructure (Sparkling Water).

Is H2O.ai free?

Given its open source design, H2O.ai offers several free tools under an Apache 2.0 license. Solutions compatible with different machine learning tools, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow.

There is also a commercial formula that includes, among other things, the analysis of time series, MLOps and the development of neural networks without code. Based on an annual subscription, the cost depends on the number of users and processors. To find out the cost of this commercial distribution, it is necessary to contact the publisher via its official website.

How to download H2O.ai?

Downloading H2O.ai can be done from the official website of the eponymous publisher or on GitHub:

Who are H2O.ai’s competitors?

There are several alternatives to the H2O.ai AI platform. Among its main competitors, we can mention:

H2O.ai vs. DataRobot

Like H2O.ai, DataRobot is a platform designed to democratize machine learning in business. Like H2O.ai, DataRobot also integrates an automated machine learning tool (auto ML). The two offers are therefore very close.


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