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Discover the future of seamless business operations with DataCon ERP.
As a pioneering solution, DataCon ERP is designed to elevate your efficiency, streamline processes, and empower informed decision-making across diverse industries. Our comprehensive suite of features, from Live Inventory Management to Real-Time Master Planning, brings unparalleled control and insight to your operations.
Join us on a journey to optimize your business and unlock its full potential with DataCon ERP.

Features of DataCon ERP


Are stock shortages and overstocks keeping you up at night? Our ERP software delivers:

  • Unrivaled mastery over finished products and raw material inventory.
  • Real-time insight into product whereabouts, arrival timings, and quantities at each location.
  • Automated inventory transactions and set reorder thresholds to avert stock shortages.
  • Instant updates on on-hand, committed, and anticipated stock quantities.
  • Centralized control of product variations and materials.
  • Monitoring of inventory across multiple warehouses.
  • Swift adoption of barcodes for seamless stock reception and counts.
  • Easy execution of stock audits to uncover and rectify discrepancies.
  • Timely alerts for restocking to maintain optimal inventory levels.


Beyond storage, our ERP software ensures complete traceability:

  • Comprehensive traceability for materials and products with batch tracking.
  • Monitoring of expiry dates to oversee stock nearing expiration.
  • Automated generation of batch and internal barcodes.
  • Utilization of serial numbers to identify individual products for warranties, servicing, and support.
  • Rapid item location across multiple warehouses, offering universal data accessibility.
  • Effective quality assurance and recalls by tracing faulty batches, materials, and products from inception to sold items.


Harmonize your sales channels with our ERP software:

  • Unified dashboard for amalgamating sales orders from various platforms.
  • Seamless integration of inventory and sales data with e-commerce portals.
  • Real-time assessment of product availability for efficient order fulfillment.
  • Tracking of batches and serial numbers for sold items.
  • Prompt identification and management of delivery delay risks.
  • Partial fulfillment of sales orders when complete availability isn’t feasible.
  • Choice between fulfilling orders from existing stock or producing on demand.
  • Multi-currency compatibility with automatic conversion of sales order values.
  • Integration of shipment tracking details.
  • Comprehensive insights into sales performance, revenue, profit, and expenditures.


Streamline your procurement procedures for heightened visibility:

  • Timely procurement based on transparent material requisites.
  • Insight into raw material procurement demands.
  • Accurate stock updates reflecting partial receipt of purchase orders.
  • Monitoring of potential delays within your supply chain.
  • Multi-currency adaptability with automatic value conversion for purchase orders.
  • Conversion of units to accommodate diverse packaging and sizing options from suppliers.
  • Effortless creation of purchase orders for outsourced manufacturing.
  • Real-time monitoring of materials at partner locations.


Elevate visibility in collaborations with contractors:

  • Issuance of purchase orders for outsourced manufacturing endeavors.
  • Real-time tracking of materials at partner locations.
  • Identification and procurement of missing materials in supplier sites.
  • Accurate cost value assignment for received items.
  • Enhanced collaboration and insights for a streamlined operation.


Elevate financial clarity with DataCon ERP. Seamlessly synchronize accounting, sales, and inventory data with esteemed platforms like QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Xero. Witness the seamless fusion of DataCon ERP and your accounting software:

  • Effortlessly transfer vital financial data to QBO and Xero.
  • Foster harmony between inventory and accounting records.
  • Translate sales orders from DataCon ERP into invoices.
  • Effortlessly convert DataCon ERP’s purchase orders into bills.
  • Maintain precise inventory balances within QBO automatically.
  • Make informed pricing decisions grounded in product margins.
  • Achieve uniformity in contact information for accurate supplier and customer data.


Delve into accurate costing for strategic decision-making:

  • Craft meticulous pricing strategies guided by product margins.
  • Seamlessly track manufacturing costs through your bill of materials (BOM) and production operations.
  • Construct multi-level BOMs complete with subassemblies for meticulous costing.


Empower your production with streamlined planning and control:

  • Set manufacturing priorities effortlessly with DataCon ERP’s drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Attain real-time insights into material availability for seamless sales order fulfillment.
  • Uncover potential delays linked to material supply lead times.
  • Align sales teams with accurate expected completion dates.
  • Gain a dynamic view of live production status.


Unify production, scheduling, and resource management:

  • Leverage real-time data for well-informed manufacturing and purchasing decisions.
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels through continuous monitoring.
  • Prioritize production based on live raw material availability.
  • Attain granular task-level control for efficient shop floor management.
  • Automate manufacturing cost calculations using precise BOM and operations data.


Elevate shop floor management with unprecedented control:

  • Harness the power of DataCon ERP’s Shop Floor App for seamless sales and production coordination.
  • Dispatch tasks according to product operations for incoming manufacturing orders.
  • Assign, reassign, and monitor tasks via operators for real-time production updates.
  • Access detailed manufacturing order task and ingredient lists within the app.
  • Optimize shop floor activities by tracking task duration and resource consumption.
  • Utilize barcode scanning for material usage and batch/product tracking.


Unleash data-driven insights for optimized performance:

  • Analyze and share insights to enhance collaboration and decision-making.
  • Monitor sales and profit margin trends over time.
  • Identify top-performing products and categories.
  • Monitor client and sales channel success.
  • Track expenses, lead times, and supplier performance.
  • Recognize margin outliers for maximum profitability.
  • Stay ahead of sales trends and risks with proactive adjustments.
  • Attain clarity in production costs and areas of optimization.
  • Monitor revenue, profit, costs, and average order values.


Customize operations for precision:

  • Seamlessly integrate DataCon ERP data with diverse e-commerce, shipping, accounting, and reporting platforms.
  • Utilize our developer resources and open API to create personalized apps within DataCon ERP.
  • Leverage the pre-built app ecosystem within DataCon ERP’s open API.
  • Unleash the power of DataCon ERP’s API to design workflows tailored to your needs.

Experience Beyond Features with DataCon ERP

1. Guidance in Implementation

Discover the potential of swift implementation with DataCon ERP. Our implementation services pave the way for businesses to set up 2-3 times faster and ensure lasting success.

  • Navigate data migration and DataCon API intricacies with confidence.
  • Access comprehensive data and workflow coaching to align with your unique needs.
  • Receive full-scale support for configuring your account settings.
  • Explore our array of implementation packages for tailored solutions.

2. Expert Partners at Your Fingertips

Amplify your journey with DataCon ERP through our network of expert partners. Connect with proficient professionals in your region for assistance in implementation, accounting, and manufacturing intricacies.

  • Collaborate with accounting and automation experts to seamlessly integrate your business tools.
  • Seek guidance from implementation specialists for a seamless transition to the cloud.
  • Choose from a growing network of partners spanning North America to Oceania.
  • Dive into the comprehensive list of DataCon ERP Partners.

3. Built Around Your Needs

At DataCon ERP, your input shapes our product development discussions. We’re here to serve you better through ongoing improvements.

Gain early access to the features you’ve requested, putting you in the driver’s seat.
Participate in regular webinars and Q&A sessions hosted by our dedicated product teams.
Witness DataCon ERP evolve in alignment with your evolving needs.
Explore our Latest Product Updates and see how we’re continuously enhancing our offerings.


Available Integrations


QuickBooks Online

Discover the power of effortless synchronization with QuickBooks Online. DataCon ERP offers a native integration that ensures your financial data flows seamlessly, eliminating manual data entry and optimizing accuracy. Streamline your accounting processes and gain a unified view of your operations with this robust integration. Find out more about how QuickBooks Online and DataCon ERP work together to enhance your business efficiency.


Experience seamless harmony between DataCon ERP and Xero. Our native integration bridges the gap between your operations and accounting, ensuring a fluid exchange of data. By connecting these two essential aspects of your business, you can enhance accuracy and streamline workflows. Learn more about how DataCon ERP and Xero join forces to elevate your business operations.



Discover the power of harmonizing DataCon ERP with HubSpot. Seamlessly integrate these platforms to enhance customer interactions, streamline order management, and gain a deeper understanding of your customer base. Unify your CRM and operational processes for enhanced efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Learn more about the synergy between HubSpot and DataCon ERP’s CRM integration.


Experience the seamless synergy between DataCon ERP and Pipedrive. By integrating these platforms, you can enhance communication, streamline order processing, and gain valuable insights into customer interactions. Elevate your CRM capabilities and operational efficiency with this integration. Dive into the world of optimized customer relationship management through DataCon ERP’s Pipedrive integration.


Empower your customer relationship management with DataCon ERP’s integration with Salesforce. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your operational processes and Salesforce’s robust CRM capabilities. Elevate your customer interactions, streamline order management, and harness the power of data insights to make informed decisions. Explore how DataCon ERP’s Salesforce integration can transform your CRM experience.



Unleash the potential of seamless harmony between DataCon ERP and Shopify. Elevate your online store’s efficiency by integrating these platforms, enhancing order management, inventory control, and customer engagement. Experience a new level of ecommerce performance through DataCon ERP’s Shopify integration.


Optimize your WooCommerce store with DataCon ERP’s seamless integration. By connecting these platforms, you streamline operations, manage orders more efficiently, and enhance customer interactions. Elevate your online business potential with DataCon ERP’s WooCommerce integration.


Enhance your online business with DataCon ERP’s integration with PrestaShop. Seamlessly connect these platforms to streamline order processing, manage inventory efficiently, and elevate your customer experiences. Discover how DataCon ERP’s PrestaShop integration can enhance your ecommerce operations.


Optimize your online business with DataCon ERP’s integration with Squarespace. Seamlessly connect these platforms to streamline order processing, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance customer experiences. Discover how DataCon ERP’s Squarespace integration can elevate your ecommerce operations.


Elevate your online business capabilities with DataCon ERP’s integration with Magento. Seamlessly connect these platforms to optimize order processing, inventory management, and customer engagement. Discover the potential of DataCon ERP’s Magento integration.


Optimize your online business with DataCon ERP’s integration with Wix. Seamlessly connect these platforms to streamline order processing, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance customer experiences. Discover how DataCon ERP’s Wix integration can reshape your ecommerce operations.


Easy Insight

Experience the power of DataCon ERP’s integration with Easy Insight. Seamlessly connect these platforms to effortlessly access and analyze critical business data. Unlock actionable insights and elevate your reporting capabilities with the synergy between Easy Insight and DataCon ERP.


Optimize your reporting processes with DataCon ERP’s integration with SyncHub. Seamlessly connect these platforms to streamline data synchronization and reporting processes. Uncover actionable insights and enhance your business reporting efficiency through the seamless integration of SyncHub and DataCon ERP.

How we helped various industries

Chemical Manufacturing

ERP systems streamline production, reducing wastage, and optimizing material usage. Real-time insights improve demand forecasting and inventory management, saving costs.

Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing

ERP solutions coordinate complex production stages, reducing delays and excess inventory costs. Real-time tracking aids quick decisions and efficient resource allocation.

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing

ERP systems synchronize manufacturing, cutting lead times and material waste. Visibility into production enhances decision-making, optimizing resources and costs.

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

ERP solutions integrate fabrication processes, minimizing production delays and excess inventory. Real-time data improves supplier relations and cost management.

Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing

ERP systems optimize furniture production, reducing inventory costs and improving customer satisfaction through timely order fulfillment.

Machinery Manufacturing

ERP solutions streamline machinery production, reducing lead times and maintenance downtime. Efficient spare parts management improves equipment longevity.

Miscellaneous Manufacturing

ERP systems centralize operations, improving order processing and resource utilization. Real-time insights support informed decisions and process enhancements.

Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing

ERP solutions optimize material procurement and production, reducing costs and improving demand forecasting accuracy. Real-time tracking enhances operational efficiency.

Paper Manufacturing

ERP systems integrate paper production, reducing downtime and excess inventory. Real-time data aids production planning, optimizing resources and costs.

Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing

ERP solutions optimize production and distribution, reducing inefficiencies and excess inventory. Real-time insights aid cost-effective decision-making.

Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing

ERP systems streamline production, minimizing lead times and material wastage. Real-time tracking improves demand forecasting and order fulfillment.

Primary Metal Manufacturing

ERP solutions integrate production and supply chain, reducing bottlenecks and excess inventory. Real-time insights enhance resource allocation and cost management.

Printing and Related Support Activities

ERP systems optimize printing processes, reducing lead times and improving coordination. Real-time tracking aids efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

ERP solutions coordinate production and distribution, reducing delays and ensuring timely deliveries. Real-time insights aid demand forecasting and resource allocation.

Wood Product Manufacturing

ERP systems integrate production and distribution, minimizing lead times and excess inventory. Real-time tracking supports demand forecasting and order fulfillment efficiency.

Food Manufacturing Industry

ERP systems optimize food production, reducing waste and enhancing quality control. Real-time data improves inventory management and demand forecasting, leading to cost savings.

How we Helped our Clients

 Our Clients include Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Tier-One Banks, Leisure and Hospitality, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Insurance and Legal.

Notable clients include AXA, AllianceBernstein, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, HSBC, ClearChannel, RELX, Convex Insurance, PwC, JP Morgan, and Vodafone.

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