We help your firm upgrade and innovate

With the help of (Big) Data and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), we ensure your organisation will benefit while innovating. Better target and segment your customers, make better predictions on your sales and revenue… We, at London Data Consulting, are here to help you throughout this revolutionary process.

Cloud Services (AWS/GCP/Azure)

Utilise the Cloud for more resilient, efficient, secure and structured data using AWS, GCP or Azure.

Data Analysis & Data Visualisation

Know better your customers, revenue, or sales via A.I., Big-Data and a better Data Analysis & Architecture.

Data Engineering

Better Data Delivery through our expertise in different Data technologies. This includes the Cloud Micro-Services as well as Data Tools such as Spark and Hadoop.

Data Science (AI / Machine Learning / NLP)

We help you make better predictions and analyses through the help of A.I. – Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision)

Data Automation

We’ve helped Tier-1 Banks and Insurance Companies automate their internal processes and made them save time and money.

Data Training & Data Governance

We will train and help your employees to take over once we finalise our Data Project(s). Don’t be afraid of Technical Liabilities anymore. We improve your systems and train your staff!

How we Helped our Clients

Our Clients include Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Tier-One Banks, Leisure and Hospitality, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Insurance and Legal.

Notable clients include AXA, AllianceBernstein, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, HSBC, ClearChannel, RELX, Convex Insurance, PwC, JP Morgan, and Vodafone.

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