DATA Governance & Data Lineage
Data Governance is vital and we're here to help you

As data governance is becoming vital for companies relying on data, London Data Consulting provides you with bespoke implementation and training on data governance and data lineage.

London Data Consulting provides you with Data Governance policies and controls to ensure the quality of your data is maintained at the highest level. 

Data Governance is Extremely Important, we'll help you with:

Definition of Data Governance within your firm
Definition of Data Lineage within your firm
Implementation of Data Governance within your firm
Data Governance Regulatory Requirements
Data Principles, Standards and Policies
Data Assurance
Data Ownership Implementation
Data Governance Training

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    How we Helped our Clients

    Our Clients include Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Tier-One Banks, Leisure and Hospitality, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Insurance and Legal.

    Notable clients include AXA, AllianceBernstein, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, HSBC, ClearChannel, RELX, Convex Insurance, PwC, JP Morgan, and Vodafone.

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