In the era of the digital revolution, artificial intelligence or AI continues to disrupt businesses. Today, there are many offers offered in the field of IT and AI. This breakthrough technology will bring big changes to today’s industries. Although AI is still in its infancy, it is already making a lot of noise. Focus on the new professions that this technology has created.

A.I. Developer

This IT project engineer expert in AI works in many sectors. He works on video games, the coding of intelligent computer programs, mobile applications, medical research… The role of the AI developer is to help data scientists and project managers. This professional works in various fields: data analysis, the creation of interaction solutions, the operation and implementation of mobile networks, etc.

Data Analyst

This professional is responsible for analyzing big data or raw data. The Data Analyst generally works on the web or social networks. The expert must be able to master the tools, such as Oracle, SAS, Microsoft Power BI… Recruitment of profiles mastering these tools is booming today. They will be able to work with large groups, a start-up, an e-commerce company, etc.)

These tools are taught in major computer science schools. You can take a bachelor’s degree in computer science to acquire skills in this field. However, to deepen your knowledge, it is advisable to follow a Master’s degree in computer science.

A.I. Engineer

This profession is one of the new Artificial Intelligence professions. The engineer must have skills in the development of many software. He must also be comfortable handling or creating applications. The AI engineer is able to develop high-performance machines to enable efficient automation.

Chatbot Project Manager

This auto chat tool manager is in charge of chatbot optimization and management from start to finish. The Chatbot project manager must: ensure the relationship with customers, mobilize the teams (marketing, webdesign, web development, etc.), configure the project and find solutions.

To become a Chatbot Project Manager, it is essential to master digital. The professional must also have a research spirit, a sense of detail, analytical skills…

Data Scientist

This professional often works with customer relationship managers and salespeople. A Data Scientist is generally an expert who masters Management and AI. He can do different jobs. Its role is to analyze cross-data.

To become a Data Scientist, it is essential to master programming languages like Python. The professional must also have skills in R, Deep learning, Machine Learning. You can qualify for this job by pursuing studies in computer science.

Financial Analyst in AI

This is one of the new professions of Artificial Intelligence. The role of the analyst is to analyze the health of companies working in Artificial Intelligence. The professional is responsible for evaluating the profitability of an AI project. The financial analyst in Artificial Intelligence must have skills in marketing, law, economics, finance.

If you have specialized in one of these fields, you can continue your studies in an IT school. This will allow you to further specialize in Artificial Intelligence.

Director of Innovation

This professional occupies an important place in a company. Its role is to define the key orientations of the innovation policy. He oversees technological transformation projects based on the creation of interactive innovation platforms. Currently, the number of AI projects is growing. This represents an opportunity for young graduates.

There are many other new artificial intelligence professions that are increasingly present on the labor market:

  • Business Developer
  • CRM Manager,
  • Cybersecurity Consultant,
  • product owner,
  • AI Marketing Manager,
  • AI consultant

The emergence of new professions allows young graduates to find new outlets. In the coming years, some professions will undergo changes because of AI. New needs will appear and the evolution of professions will begin. AI is almost everywhere today, in the arts and crafts, personal services, home care professions, etc.).


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