Helping Healthcare Company to Visualise Data

Project Details

A large Healthcare company wanted to visualise data to get better insights and potential predictions from their under-utilised datasets.

Data Analysis / Data Engineering / Data Visualisation


The Challenge

Understanding the existing data architecture and the different data types and structures that were in place.

How London Data Consulting Helped

With 10+ years of experience, we now fully understand all required tools to successfully migrate data and structure a data pipeline to automate the whole data processing before data visualisation.

In this case we’ve used Alteryx for some parts of the data processing (ETL) and Amazon Redshift for some other parts where terabytes of data are being consumed and processed.

Eventually data would be stored in either Amazon RDS or DynamoDB databases before being displayed and filtered/manipulated using Tableau.

Some Of The Data Tools We Used​

Amazon Redshit
Amazon DynamoDB