Improved Decision Making For A Leading Energy Company

Project Details

A leading Energy company wanted to start automating their internal processes that were not fully operational and/or would require manual adjustments from 50+ analysts on a daily basis.

Cloud Solutions


The Challenge

Multiple internal processes were required to be automated. These processes were all being run by analysts who were spending around 2-3 hours a day to update and run them.

Most of the processes were not fully operational and  required assistance throughout every run. Outputs weren’t checked thoroughly and most processes were crashing after a few minutes.

How London Data Consulting Helped

At London Data Consulting, we’ve helped automating all these processes and centralised them into a server that would list all automated processes.

This server would list all processes into specific folders depending on which team the analyst is in. In this way, each analyst would have only access to their own processes and would also be able to schedule their workflows or run it on an ad-hoc basis.

Eventually, all stakeholders were fully trained so that they could understand all the workflows via thorough data governance – including data lineage and data documentation.

Some of the Data Tools We Used

Amazon AWS
Spark MLlib
Amazon DynamoDB