Improving Customer Targeting For A Hotel Group

Project Details

A leading hotel group wanted to know their customers better for them to better categorise and target them with more customised and more relevant solutions and offers.

Data Science and A.I.


The Challenge

As a leading hotel group, the client had many terabytes of historical data. The aim was to model all this data so that we would be able to cluster and segment the customer base to better provide adequate solutions and offers.

How London Data Consulting Helped

London Data Consulting helped the leading hotel group by firstly aggregating and consolidating all data from various databases that were already in place.

Once all data have been collected and gathered, LDC had to extract key features and carry out some data engineering to create more features that would significantly contribute to the development of the solution.

Various Unsupervised Machine Learning models were developed and trained before selecting the most optimal and robust model to implement into production.

The algorithm is now working and being run on a regular basis, generate data insights and dashboard on a daily basis.

Some of the Data Tools We Used

Amazon AWS
Spark MLlib
Amazon DynamoDB