Migrating Asset Manager Data to the Cloud

Project Details

A large asset manager wanted to migrate all their internal data into one of the Cloud Solutions providers.

Cloud Solutions


The Challenge

Migrating Terabytes of data legacy from the large Asset Manager to one of the Cloud Services providers.

Understanding the whole Asset Manager’s current data structure was primordial before starting migrating all these data in an optimal, efficient and secure way.

How London Data Consulting Helped

Firstly, we had to decide on which cloud services provider to utilise and adopt. The client was more interested in adopting the AWS micro-services due to its large portfolio of micro-services they provide.

This is to ensure that no technical liabilities will start appearing in the (near-) future thanks to the brand name and service of excellence provided by AWS.

We worked thoroughly alongside the Asset Manager’s current Technology team to make sure the whole data migration process was being made in an efficient and optimal order and testings were carried out along the whole process to ensure the different outputs and data migrations were the expected ones.

Some Of The Data Tools We Used​

Amazon AWS Cloud
AWS DynamoDB

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